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Assignments and Activities

They are different kinds of activities and assignments you can create in Flat for Education. In order to create your first one, you have to make sure that you already created your first class.

Stream view

You can open a list of all your existing assignments by clicking on the left icon. You can start creating a new assignment by pressing the other button on the right.

1. Pick your assignment type

There are 4 different kinds of assignment or activities that you can create:

Stream view

New score

Your students will have to create a new score, work on it following your guidelines and submit it back to you.


This mode is meant to share a score that is part of your own library without the students being able to edit / alter it.


If you want to create a group activity with all the students working on the same piece in real-time.

⚠️ We advise keeping the number of students on the same group activity below 15.

💡 We are currently working on a group picker to quickly create smaller workgroup within the same class :)


All the students will get a copy of one of your score to start from. You can imagine many different activities around that:

  • find the mistake
  • complete the interval
  • finish the composition

💡 We are currently working on a whole new range of exercises to avoid you manually creating basic exercises.

2. Setup the assignment

Assignment main information

Assignment information

You will be able to write a name and a description. This information will be accessible from the student assignment at any time while they work on a score.

Pick the score

Pick the score

You will able to browse your scores and pick one of them. You should notice that a list is displayed on the right of the score name. This one is directly related to the type of assignment you want to create:

  • Students can read -> Read
  • Students can write -> Write
  • Students will get a copy -> Template
  • No score selected -> New score

Pick the score - Tips

Due and post dates

Pick the score - Tips

You can fix a due date for your assignment to turn in their work.

💡 Students will be still able to submit after the due date but they will be flagged as late submissions.

You can also work your assignment when you have free time and set a date when they will become available to the classroom.

Post your assignment

Now that your assignment is ready you can post it. Here is what student will see from their stream:

student stream

Once they click on it they will be prompted your instructions to follow:

assignment instructions

3. Follow up

Now that your assignment is available to your students you can track their progress.

Assignment tracking

The students that appears in the red squared section are those who already started to work on it. Once they submit something, you will receive a notification.

Soon a section about the follow up and grading will be available.

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