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Assignments with Canvas LMS

You will need a Flat for Education account to use this feature, check out the introduction.

Once your Canvas course is configured to use our app, you can use Flat for Education to create assignments in Canvas.

New Canvas assignment

Start by opening the “Assignment” page in your Canvas course, then click on “+ Assignment”. You can complete the assignment details like any other Canvas assignment.

To use Flat for Education for your assignment, in Submission Type choose External Tool, then click on Find, choose Flat in the list, and Select the tool.

External Tool

External Tools List

You can then click on Save at the bottom of the Canvas page. This will give you the ability to select the options for your Flat for Education assignment.

Select the assignment type (New score, Template, Sharing Writing) and the different options, then click on Create at the bottom of the page to make the assignment available for your students. You can also check out our dedicated guide for more details on the available options.

Select options for your Flat for Education assignment

That’s it, your assignment is ready! You might want to view how it looks as a student in Canvas to see your students’ experience when using Flat.

Experience as a student

In Canvas, you have the possibility to view your courses as a student and see how the assignments you configured will be displayed for them. In the Course Settings, choose Student View on the right; you will see a pink border when you are using this mode:

View as a student

For example, if you open an assignment where the submission type is Flat as an External Tool and you used a Template, you will get a copy of the original score that can be changed directly in Canvas. Once you are done with the assignment (as a student), simply click on “Turn in” to submit your work. It will show up in the SpeedGrader, ready to be reviewed.

View as a student

Review submissions with SpeedGrader

Once your students have worked on Flat from Canvas, you can directly open their work with SpeedGrader. SpeedGrader will allow you to review and grade right in Canvas while viewing their work made using Flat:

SpeedGrader with Flat

Video tutorial

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