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Assignments with Canvas LMS

You will need a Flat for Education account to use this feature, check out the introduction.

Once your Canvas course is configured to use Flat, you can use Flat to make assignments in Canvas.

There are two solutions to use Flat in a Canvas assignment, using Flat as an External Tool or as an Online submission: The External Tool is probably the solution you will choose here: it will directly bring your students on Flat to complete their assignments and they will be able to submit it in 1-click. The Online submission will display Flat as a solution to submit their work, they can also submit a file or a link instead.

Once the assignment has been completed by your students, you can use Canvas SpeedGrader to review and grade their work.

Flat as an External Tool

Using Flat as an external tool when creating a music notation assignment in Canvas is probably the most seamless solution. You link a Flat resource that your students can open in 1-click, and they can submit their work to Canvas in 1-click from Flat.

During the creation of your assignment, in Submission Type choose External Tool, then click on Find and Choose Flat in the list:

External Tool

External Tools List

Once you choose Flat, you will see our resource picker with different options:

  • If you want to let your students create a score from zero and let them choose the instruments, you can choose Link the creation of the new score.
  • The other best solution is to create or import a score in your Flat account is Use it as a template. When your students will open the assignment, they will automatically get a copy of the score opened and work on that copy.

Flat Resource Picker for assignments in Canvas

That’s all, your assignment is ready! You might want to experience it as a student in Canvas to see how your students will use Flat in Canvas.

Flat as an Online Submission

When you choose “Online” as Submission Type, Flat will be automatically be listed as an option for your students.

Assignment creation: Online submission type

They will be able to submit an existing Flat score from their Flat account, or work on the assignment using a different format (file, URL, etc.):

Online submission as a student

That’s all, your assignment is ready! You might want to experience it as a student in Canvas to see how your students will use Flat in Canvas.

Experience as a student

In Canvas, you have the possibility of view your courses as a student and try how the assignments you configured will be displayed for them. In the Course Settings, choose Student View on the right, you will see a pink border when you are using this mode:

View as a student

For example, if you open an assignment where the submission type is Flat as an External Tool and you used a Template, you will directly get a copy of the original score displayed that you can change right in Canvas. Once you are done the work (as a student), simply click on “Turn in” to submit the assignment. This one will show up in the SpeedGrader, ready to be reviewed.

View as a student

Review submissions with SpeedGrader

Once your students worked on Flat from Canvas, you can directly open their work from SpeedGrader. SpeedGrader will allow you to review and grade right from Canvas while viewing their work made using Flat:

SpeedGrader with Flat

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