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SSO with Canvas

You will need a Flat for Education account to use this feature, check out the introduction.

Course Navigation

Once your Canvas course is configured to use Flat for Education, you will be able to use the direct SSO (Single-Sign-On) link available on Canvas to sign in on Flat for Education. This one will be displayed on the left navigation in your course:

SSO Link in your Canvas navigation

When you click on the link, Canvas will automatically open Flat for Education and you will be signed in into the account linked to your Canvas account. If you or your students don’t have a Flat for Education account when they use the SSO link, a new account will be automatically created in your Flat for Education school account. If you have an existing account, check out our configuration instructions to use our automatic matching feature.

You will also be signed in to Flat for Education every time you open a resource with an LTI link from Canvas (e.g. Linked score, Assignments, etc.).

Automatic classes creation on Flat for Education

When you sign in on Flat from a Canvas Canvas, we automatically create a Flat classroom for you. Students that use your SSO link in Canvas are also automatically enrolled in your class on Flat.

While you might not need to use the assignments feature on Flat because you have Canvas, you can use Flat Classes to share scores and have fine-grained permissions on these scores.

Created classes will be listed in your Flat for Education account:

Classes created on Flat

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