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Create a new class on Flat for Education

To create a new class with Flat, create a free EDU account on our platform.

1. Open the tab “Classes.”

Once you are logged in Flat, click on the tab “Classes” on the top left of your screen on any dashboard page.

classes tab

Then, click on the button “Create a new class” in the centre of your screen.

create a new class

What is the purpose of a class?

Creating a class will make it much easier to organise and share activities of any kind with your students. We have a dedicated section about the different kind of activities you can create and assign to your classroom. Most of the time, we advise following the same organisation as you have in your “real” classroom.

2. Name your new class

You now have a new page opened where you can create and manage your class. 2 ways to do it:

choose a name for your new class

If you are a Google Classroom User, you can follow the dedicated tutorial.

3. Invite your students to your new class

Once you validate your class name you will be able to invite or add students in it.

Invite students

We wrote a dedicated article about everything you need to know about your different options to invite students into your classroom, this one is available right here.

What’s next?

Now that your class is full of students willing to learn music we will give more details about all the different activities that you can create.

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