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Flat for Education step by step Tutorial

Welcome to Flat for Education! If you are new to Flat for Education, you are in the right place to get all the basics about the platform! You will find below all the important steps to take in order to save time and increase interactivity in your classroom.

If you need more information about our music notation software, we have a dedicated section.

Flat for Edu Step 1 - Create your first class
Creating a class enables easy assignment generation and progress monitoring, making it a convenient tool for organizing and sharing activities with students.
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Create a new class on Flat
Flat for EduStep 2 - Invite students to your class
Adding students to your class is quick and easy with multiple options available. Use class code invites, LMS synchronizations, or manual account creation.
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Invite students
Flat for Edu Step 3 - Explore the Resource Library
Dive into the Resource Library, the database for your assignments and tools. Save time managing assignments and optimize your teaching routine!
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Flat for Edu Step 4 - Create assignments
In this tutorial, discover the different kinds of activities and assignments you can create with Flat for Education.
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Create activity
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