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Create a Google Classroom assignment with Flat

Flat for Education gives you an experience for creating an assignment on Google Classroom that is similar to using a regular Google Doc/Slide. From music composition to music theory and live collaborations, Flat allows you to easily create any assignment that includes music notation.

When creating an assignment on Flat for Education, it will be automatically posted to your Google Classroom stream. We also handle a two-way synchronization of all modifications and your students’ submissions.

This assignment feature is a fantastic way to onboard your students with Flat for Education: from their Google Classroom stream, they will have access to their activity on Flat with just one click.

Music composition assignment on Google Classroom

Creating an assignment

Once you set up a class, you can create a Google Classroom assignment using Flat for Education. Open your class, then go to the “Assignments tab:

Class tab: Assignments

Click on “+ Create”, and pick the activity you want to get started and create your first assignment.

New assignment

Flat for Education includes a wide range of activities, available in three sections: Compositions using our music notation editor, auto-graded Worksheets, and Performance. All these assignments can be synced with Google Classroom, their grades sent automatically to your Google Classroom gradebook. You can learn more about our different assignment types on their dedicated pages.

The following elements will be added to Classroom when creating a Flat for Education assignment:

  • Title and instructions
  • Linked attachments (links, embeds and Google Drive files)
  • Grading options
  • Publication and due dates
  • Google Classroom Topic
  • Assigned students list

When specifying a publication date, your assignment will be marked as “draft” in your Google Classroom course. This is a great way to experiment with creating an assignment without making it available to your students.

Post your assignment

Now that your assignment is ready, you can post it. If you want to see the student view to see how it will look for them, check out our dedicated article.

You can now discover how your students will experience Flat with Google Classroom. Their submissions made with Flat for Education will be sent to Classroom, as well as their grades (whether automatically or manually set).

Copy an assignment to other classes (re-using assignments)

To re-use an assignment made with Flat for Education in other classes, click on “Re-use” from the Flat for Education website.

⚠️ Due to a limitation in Google Classroom, Flat for Education doesn’t have the right to access any assignments you copy from the Google Classroom interface. That’s why we recommend always making the copy via our interface.

Reviews and follow-up

Now that your assignment is available to your students you can follow their progress. Check out our dedicated article to learn more about how to review and give feedback to your students.

For more information, check out our related video tutorial!

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