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Setup a Google Classroom course on Flat

You will need a Flat for Education account to use this feature, check out the introduction.

Adding a Google Classroom course on Flat will automatically provision or update your students’ accounts into your private Flat for Education website, then enroll them in your Flat class. Once a course is synchronized on Flat, future roster updates will be instant and automatic, you don’t have anything to do!

In a couple of clicks, you will have your first group ready, and be able to create your first music notation on Google Classroom using Flat. Discover below how to set up a new Google Classroom course on Flat.

1. Open the tab “Classes.”

Once you are logged in Flat, click on the tab “Classes” on the top left of your screen on any dashboard page.

classes tab

Then, click on the button “Create a new class” in the center of your screen.

create a new class

2. Choose “Create using Google Classroom.”

You don’t need to enter a class name. Click on the button “Create using Google Classroom.”

create using Google Classroom

3. Connect your G Suite for Education Account

If you didn’t authorize Flat to access to your Google Classroom courses before, you will be prompted to do so.

4. Select a course from your Google Classroom

Once you have connected your Google Classroom account with Flat, you will see your courses. Select one to create your new class on Flat.

select a course on from google classroom

Click on the button in the bottom right-hand corner to validate.

5. That’s all!

Your class is created and synchronized with Google Classroom! You are now all set to create your first assignment, share a music score and enjoy Flat with your students.

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