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Add students to your classroom

Before adding students make sure you properly create your class following this guide.

In that guide we assume that don’t rely on any Classroom Management System. If you use any of the listed below you can make your life much easier:

Add student to an existing classroom

If you skipped this step in the class creation process or you want to add more student to an existing class you can manage students from this view. To have this view you need to open an existing class by clicking on it.

How to add students to a class

invite students choices

You will get two options prompted to add students to your class.

First one will be to share a direct link with your students. You can send using

  • emails
  • a shared document
  • a video projector

Class code

Once your students click on the link they will be able to create a new account or use an existing one to join your class.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to use that method your students must have a valid email address. If they don’t, please read the next section :)

Manually create accounts

This section is useful in two situations:

  • Your students don’t have an email address you don’t or you don’t want them to provide their email address.
  • Your students already have an account in the organization and you want to setup the class without sharing the classcode.

manual option

Your student don’t have an email address


=> Click on Create Account

You will be redirected to this page where you will be able to create as many account as needed: generateaccount

Once you are good, the accounts will be created into your organization and you will be redirected to the previous view.

As you can see the student named Pierre previously created is now on top of the students list and automatically selected.


=> You can validate your selection by clicking on “Invite students” and they will all be part of your class.

Your students already have an account on Flat

If you already created accounts for your students using the previous method or they used a SSO (Single-Sign On) like Google or Office 365 to create their accounts, you can browse all the created accounts to pick students that you want to add in your class:

search students

When you find those that you want to add to your class, you need to tick them:

tick students

Click on “Invite students” and the students will be effectively added to your class. These students are now part of your class!


What’s next?

Now that’s you have a class created with student in it, it’s time to create your first activities.

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