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Using Moodle with Flat for Education

Flat with Moodle

Using Moodle for your music courses? Flat for Education is the best solution to create any music notation activity in Moodle. Flat provides you seamless integration with Moodle: SSO (Single Sign-in) and rostering and assignments with Flat.

On this help page you will discover how to:

If you need any help to configure or use Moodle with Flat for Education, please contact us at

Setup your Moodle Integration

It only takes a couple of seconds to set up Schoology for your Flat for Education account.

1) Go to your Account Settings > Integrations > Moodle and copy the Consumer Key and Shared Secret. Keep these details private, they will allow Moodle to access to your Flat for Education school account.

2) Open your Moodle website, then go to your “Site Administration, open the “Plugins” tab, and choose “Manage tools” under “External tool”.

3) Paste the configuration URL ( and click on “Add”:

Add configuration URL

4) Then paste your credentials obtained at the first step and save the changes. The tool is now added to your site:

Flat for Education added as External Tool

5) You can edit the tool to select more options. For example, to display it in the activity chooser, you can change the configuration next to “Tool configuration usage” to “Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool”. This will make faster to create Flat for Education activities in your Moodle instance.

Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool

From that page, you can also adjust privacy parameters, like avoid sharing names or emails with Flat for Education.

Activities with Flat for Education in Moodle

To create a new activity using Flat for Education in your Moodle instance, open a Moodle course and Turn editing on.

Turn editing on

Choose “Add an activity or resource”, then “Flat for Education” in the list:

Activity chooser

To create your activity, at least add an Activity name, then click on Save and display:

New activity

The second step is to complete the configuration of your newly created Flat for Education assignment. Select the assignment type (New score, Template, Sharing Writing) and the different options, then click on Create at the bottom of the page to make the assignment available for your students. You can also check out dedicated guide for more details on the available options.

Complete assignment setup in Moodle

That’s all, your assignment is ready! As soon as your student open the assignment from this Moodle page, you will see their names listed on this assignment page, have access to their work and be able to give them live feedback.

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