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Performance assignments

There are various kinds of activities and assignments you can create in Flat for Education. Performance assignments are a special activity that allows you to assess the audio-recorded performance of your students, on a score of your choosing.

Creating a performance assignment

The flow for creating performance assignments is almost the same as for classic assignments, so make sure to check that page if you want to know more about the multiple options offered.

First, you will need to click on the “+ Create” button in the Assignments tab of your class, and pick “Performance”.

New assignment

One difference with classic assignments is that a score will have to be selected to proceed.

Recording and turn-in

Once the performance assignment has started, students will be able to find it under the Assignments section of the class. After they click on it, the assignment details page will open and they will just need to click on the Start assignment button to open the editor. A view similar to the one below should open :

Starting Performance assignment

To start recording their voices or instruments, students will have to click on the microphone button centered at the top of the screen. You will note that the “Turn in” button is disabled at first, that’s because students will first need to create an audio recording in order to turn-in their assignment.

Hint: If this is the first time a performance assignment is used on the student’s computer, access to the microphone may be requested by the web browser. Just click “Allow”, or they won’t be able to continue.

After the mic button has been clicked, a countdown will help them remember the tempo and give them time to grab their instrument.

Countdown before recording

Then, the recording starts! The soundwave drawing of their recording is going to be drawn in real-time as they play or sing. Once they are done with the recording, they just have to click the stop button.

Students will be able to playback the recording they just made, save it, and even to record another shot.

Post recording view

To turn-in, they will first have to save their recording, using the dedicated button at the right of the recording drawing.

If they decide to record another shot, the two recordings will be stacked at the end of the recording. It will allow them to compare them both and eventually keep the best one. Only one recording can be saved at the same time, so they will have to make sure their best recording is saved before they leave or refresh the editor.

Stacked recordings

Important: Make sure to have your students click the Turn in button after they saved their best recording, and before they quit the editor.

Teacher review

As soon as the first assignments will be turned in, you will be able to listen to your student’s recordings in the “Student’s work” section of the Assignment details view.

Teacher quick review

If you want to check your student performance along with the original score, you can click on the Turned in tag in the Status column to open the detailed review mode:

Teacher detailed review

Other grading and reviewing capabilities are similar to those of classic assignments. You can learn more on grading and review on our dedicated help page


If a warning icon is displayed instead of the microphone, this is probably because the computer doesn’t have any microphone or because access to the microphone has been rejected.

Warning icon for microphone

If you are using Google Chrome, you can change the microphone access rights for Flat by clicking on the small lock button on the left of the address bar:

Allow microphone usage on Chrome

This is done almost the same way in Firefox. You will just have to reset the microphone access rights by clicking on the small cross button beside “Microphone”.

With Safari, it may be a little different if you decided to never give access to the microphone in the past. You will need to open Safari preferences (click “Safari” in the top left corner of the screen, then “Preferences…”). Then, go to the “Websites” tab, and select “Microphone” in the list. There, you will be able to change the mic access rights for Flat :

Allow microphone usage on Chrome

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