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Review and grade assignments

As soon you post your first assignment and add students to your Flat for Education class, they can start working with Flat.

During your assignments you can follow the progress of your students from the assignments’ dashboard. You will have an overview of their work across the different assignments:

Assignments overview

The information displayed on this page and all other education pages is always up to date, so no need to refresh your pages to get the updates. You will see the states updated as soon as your students start working on your activities.

Review and grade an assignment

When clicking on an assignment link, you have access to the assignment details and your students’ work. In this students’ work tab, you will all the students who are part of this assignment and their progress.

Assignment view

As soon as they start working on your assignments, you’ll be able to access their work and give them live feedback. When clicking on a student’s name from the list, you will have direct access to their work. You can see them working in real-time, write contextualized feedback on the score that they’ll see instantly, and even return their work with more general feedback.

From this page you can also add grades to your students’ work. If your assignment has been posted to Google Classroom or an LMS like Canvas, Schoology, MusicFirst or Moodle, grades are automatically added to your LMS gradebook and synchronized with your LMS.

From the assignment page (cf. screenshot above), you can also export all your students’ grades as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or a CSV spreadsheet.

Review submissions

Once you reviewed a student’s work, click on “Return” to send back your feedback.

Reset a student submission

If you want to give a student the possibility to try again an assignment, you can click on Reset student work from the assignments’ Student’s work tab. This way, the student can start again the assignment from the beginning. It is especially useful in the context of Worksheets.

Reset student submission

Review turned in submissions from a class

If you want to review all the turned-in assignments within a class, you can go to the “Reviews” tab from this class. It will display all the pending reviews and give you a direct link to the review page we mentioned above.

Class Review page

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