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Flat for Education Site licenses

How does a site license work?

A Flat for Education site license works like a bulk of license that you can during a chosen duration (1 year or 1 quarter). It includes a minimum of 50 licenses that can be used the users of your school account.

The advantages of our site license:

  • All the licenses purchase start and end at the same date, so you don’t have to worry about specific accounts dates
  • You can re-use licenses during the year. When a student leaves your class, you can delete their account to make it available for another student
  • Licenses are automatically assigned to active users. For example, if you create more accounts or synchronize accounts from Google Classroom, and all the students don’t use Flat you don’t have to worry: their licenses can be used by other active students. When you move from a free trial to a site license, users get automatically get a new license from your site license.
  • They are cheaper than our individual product (97% cheaper), you can discover our pricing here.

How can I purchase a site license for my school?

If you already have a Flat for Education Account, you can purchase it online or get a quote online. Open your Flat account, go your Account settings and click on “Your plan”, then choose the number of users that you need.

If you are purchasing a site license for a teacher of your school or need more info or help, please send us an email at and we will be back to you shortly.

We accept payments for site licenses:

  • Online by card in your account settings or via a guest purchase link (contact us)
  • With Purchase Orders (PO) at and by fax at +1 845 666 2519
  • By Bank transfer (SWIFT, SEPA, BACS, ACH and BSB)
  • By Check for US and UK customers
  • By Paypal

In the US, Flat is distributed by Tutteo Inc, our US-based company. For the rest of the word, Flat is sold by Tutteo Ltd, our UK-based company. You can also purchase Flat from local resellers in certain regions.

Please contact us for more information or any questions at

Do you accept Purchase Orders (PO)?

Yes, we do accept Purchase Orders. Please contact us to get a quote with all the information you need for your PO or if you need a W9 tax for in the US.

Once your Purchase Order is ready, please send us by email at or by fax at +1 845 666 2519. We usually process POs the next business day.

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