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Student view

As soon as your students have an account on the platform, they will be able to create a score and practice on their own. This section is meant to help you understand what they will see while you interact with them.

You can also experiment with a student testing account, learn more about the “View as student” feautre below.

We will show what they see when:

Class and student stream

When you add a student to a class, they will see it from their dashboard view.

Student classes

From this view, they will be able to open a class and see everything shared in it.

Class Stream

Once a class is open, the student will be able to see the ongoing assignment if there are any. They will also be able to see the different posts written by the teacher.

Work on an assignment

From the class view, a student can decide to start or continue a given assignment. Let’s say that they click on the “First assignment” shown on the screen above.

In this view, the student will be able to read the teacher’s instruction and click on “Start assignment”.

Assignment details

Hint: When they start a new assignment, a score will be automatically created and named in their library.

Score assignment

Once the student is done with the assignment, they can press turn-in.

Turn in default

The information will be automatically added; the student can leave a comment about their work for the teacher to read when reviewing.

Turn in an existing score for an assignment

Most of the time a student will start an assignment with a new score or a template you shared with them. In some cases, they might need to send a score they already have in their account, or an extra score. Here is a complete breakdown of how to do it.

First, they need to open their Flat account, choose the class then the assignment as shown above. Once they arrive on the assignment page, they will see the “Your work” section on the right side of the page or below the instructions.

Your work

They can click on “Add an existing score” and choose your score from their library.

Started assignment

Then click on “Turn in” to send their work. That’s all! You will receive a notification and will be able to review their work.

Turned in assignment

Edit a submitted assignment

Once the student has turned in the assignment, he/she will be able to edit it and add pre-existing or new scores to the assignment . To do so, he/she must go to the desired assignemt, click on edit, make the necessary changes and click on “Turn in” again.

Edit a submitted assignment

View as student

On an assignment page, you have a “View as student” button. Use it to view the current assignment, just like your student would. This test account has all the same features as a standard Flat for Education account. You’ll be able to use the editor, open and turn in assignments, answer worksheets, send test grades, etc.

This feature is perfect if you want to see how your students will experience Flat for Education, how the editor will be displayed if you use some customized toolsets or locked score template or try a generated worksheet.

View as student button

While using a testing student account, you will have a bar at the bottom of your screen with the ability to go back to your teacher account (“Leave student view”) and reset the test account (for example if you want to start over with a brand-new student account).

View as student banner

These accounts don’t use any seats from your license pool, so you can use them as much as you want. They are displayed as regular students in the classes they are enrolled in, and you can delete them like any other account.

List of students with a test student account

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