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Student view

As soon as your students have an account on the platform they will be able to create score and practice on their own. This section is meant to help you understand what they will see while you interact with them.

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We will show what they see when:

Class and student stream

When you add a student to a class they will see it from their dashboard view.

Student classes

From this view, they will be able to open a class and see everything shared in it.

Class Stream

Once a class is open, the student will be able to see the ongoing assignment if there are any. They will also be able to see the different posts written by the teacher

Work on an assignment

From the class view, a student can decide to start or continue a given assignment. Let say that he clicks on the “10 measures composition” assignment shown on the previous screen above.

Assignment details

In this view, the student will be able to read the teacher’s instruction and press the button to start or keep working on the assignment. Hint: When you start a new assignment, a score will be automatically created and named in your library

Score assignment

Once the student is done with the assignment he can press turn-in.

Turn in default

Information will be automatically filled, the student can leave a comment about their work for the teacher to read when reviewing.

Turn in an existing score for an assignment

As a student, you will receive activities and assignments from your teacher. Some time You will start from a template. Some time you may want to turn-in a score from your library.

Here is a complete breakdown on how to do it:

First of all, you need to open the score you want to turn-in. From your score, you will see the turn-in button above the toolbar.

Turn-in button

Once you click on it a new dialog will be displayed asking you to pick for which assignment you want to turn your score in. You will be able to browse the different classes you are in:

Class list

Open the class where the assignment is:

Assignments List

You will see all the ongoing assignments for the selected class. Select the appropriate one.



The teacher that created the assignment will receive a notification and will be able to review your work.

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