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How do I cancel my Flat trial or subscription?

To cancel or downgrade your Flat subscription, follow the instructions below.

How to cancel a Flat Power subscription or trial on the web

If you purchased Flat Power on our website using a card or PayPal, you can cancel your subscription in your account:

  • Sign in to
  • Click your profile picture in the upper right corner.
  • Click Account settings.
  • On the left menu, choose Billing
  • Click Would you like to cancel your subscription?.
  • Choose the reason and click on Continue
  • That’s it, your subscription has been canceled and won’t renew at the end of the billing cycle.

If you purchased Flat for Education, your licenses don’t automatically renew, all the licenses are manually renewed.

If you got a free trial via our website, it will automatically cancel if you don’t upgrade, and your account will be back on the free plan.

How to cancel a Flat subscription or trial on an iPhone or iPad

If you purchased Flat from your iPhone, iPad using our iOS app, you can cancel your Flat subscription or free trial by following these steps:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, tap Settings.
  • Tap your name.
  • Tap iTunes & App Store.
  • Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen, then tap View Apple ID.
  • Tap Subscriptions (about midway through the screen).
  • Tap Flat.
  • Tap Cancel Subscription or Cancel Trial.
  • Tap Confirm.
  • Your account will downgrade to Flat Free at the end of your billing cycle.

Learn more about canceling your subscription on Apple’s help center.

What happens when I cancel my Flat subscription or trial?

If you cancel your Flat subscription or trial or your subscription expires, your account will downgrade to a free account at the end of your billing cycle or trial. Additionally:

  • You’ll still have access to the last 15 modified scores (the quota for free accounts)
  • If you’re over your downgraded storage quota, older scores will be archived and can be edited if you upgrade your account again. No worries, we never remove your files unless requested
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