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Contribute to Flat's translations

Since we launched Flat in 2015, we regularly receive propositions from our users that want to help us translate our products in their own language. That’s why we decided to open our translation process to anyone so you can help our team by translating our platform.

To get started helping to translate Flat, you can go to our tool (weblate). Click on “Third party login > Flat” to use your Flat account to sign in. Then set your languages in “Manage your languages”, and join Flat in “Manage watched projects”.

Flat includes several components in our translations:

  • Flat: Our main app, available at
  • Authentication: our authentication pages
  • Site: Our website
  • Edu: Our education platform

If your language is not listed in the started translations, please contact us at to have it added. We advise you to click on “Zen mode” on the translation page, this drastically makes the process faster.

Thank you for your contributions!

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