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Flat for Google Docs and Google Slides

Use Flat’s web-based music notation editor to quickly create music notation or tablature in your documentations and presentations, get our Google Docs and Google Slides free add-ons.

Music notation in Google Docs and Google Slides

Install the add-ons

The add-ons are available on the G Suite Marketplace. Click here to install them in your Google Account.

Then, in Docs and Slides, click on Add-ons > Flat > Insert musical snippet to open the add-on.

Get started with Flat for Docs

You don’t need a Flat account to create the music notation and, simply open our free add-on, enter your notation and click on “Insert”. If you need help regarding the editor, check out the dedicated help. This add-on is a lite version of our web-based & collaborative notation software, and doesn’t include all the options available in our dedicated tool.

How the notation tools work?

You can discover all the tools available on this dedicated help page, and how to use them.

How to edit the music notation?

To edit your inserted notation, select the picture and re-open the add-on. To validate the changes and insert the updated music notation, click on the button Edit.

Edit my inserted notation

How to play my music?

The notation inserted in your document works like a picture and doesn’t have our playback included (you can still play it later, simply select the inserted image and open the add-on again). If you would like to see audio/sounds included in Google Docs/Slides in the future, feel free send a feature request to their product teams (Help > Docs Help > Send feedback).

I need help or have feedback

If you need help regarding this add-on, please contact us at If you like it, please give us a review on the store and share it to your friends!

How to re-authorize the add-on?

To re-authorize the add-on to modify the documents you are working on:

In your Google Account, open the list of apps with access to your account, then scroll to “Flat”. Click on the app listed, then choose “Remove access”.

Remove add-on authorization

Re-open the Google Docs/Slides document you are working on, and re-open the add-on (Add-ons > Flat > Insert musical snippets), then autorize the add-on to make some modifications to your document:

Allow Flat Add-on

That’s it, you can now use the add-on.

Add-ons Changelog


  • New template: Ukulele Tabs
  • Improved padding in inserted pictures
  • Better firewall issues detection


  • Switch to our *.com domains to reduce the number of firewall issues


  • New editor
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