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The library dashboard lets you organize the sheet music you created, imported, shared and discovered on Flat. Discover today how to take advantage of this great space.

Create new sheet music online

Easily create your sheet music and tablature online from your Flat’s library: click on New Score or Tab button available in all your collections, then choose a title and the instruments.

Create a new score (My Library)

To learn more about creating a score/TAB online Flat, check out our dedicated tutorial Create your first music score.

Upload and import your existing sheet music

Flat lets you quickly import and edit online any MusicXML and MIDI files. On your library page, choose Upload a score or tab, then the file(s) you want to import.

Create a new score (My Library)

On smaller screens, the icon will be available on the top right of the screen, where you display all the actions available.

Import and edit sheet music on mobile.

You can also drag and drop one or multiple files to your list of scores or to a collection:

Drag and drop to import scores


In your library, collections works like a set of scores. These scores can be the content that you created by yourself, content you uploaded to Flat, creations that you discovered on our platform or that have been shared with you.

To start organizing your content, choose New collection, and enter a name for your collection. Then, you can drag and drop your scores between collections, choose Move to/Add to a collection next to a score to move a score to another collection or add it to multiple collections.

Get started with collections

If you want to add a public score that you discovered to your account, choose “Add to a collection” from our public viewer:

Add any public sheet music to your collections

Collections are available for everyone and are only private at this time. We have plans to add public and shared collections in an upcoming update with the same sharing settings that your scores, stay tuned!


To share a score with someone, click on sharing information, or choose Share from the actions list. From there, you can quickly see how the score is currently shared, and adjust the sharing settings.

Share scores from your Library

The scores shared with you are automatically added to your Shared with me collection. Like any of your scores, you can move them to another collection at your convenience. To leave a shared score that has been shared with you, delete it from your account.

Delete resources

To delete scores and collections, select them and click on Delete in the actions list. You also drag and drop scores to your trash.

Delete and recover content

Your trash contains all the deleted scores and collections, up to 1 year after their deletion. You can easily recover any of your deleted work from there. If you are a free demo user, you will only have access to the scores deleted in the last 24h. Get Flat Power or Flat for Education to recover older content.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can find below the list of keyboard shortcuts you can use on the Library page:

Select next resource or J
Select previous resource or K
Select range of resource + Click
Extend selection to previous resource +
Extend selection to next resource +
Select all Ctrl + A or + A
Unselect all
Cancel action
Open selected collection or score Enter
Create a new score + S
Create a new collection + C
Rename item N


Why don’t I see the collections on my profile?

Collections are only private at this time. We will add public collections and sharing options in an upcoming update. Also, the profile will be updated to only display your public content.

Can I add a score to multiple collections?

Sure! Choose “Add to a collection” in the actions next to a score, and the new collection where you want to add the score.

You can also add any public and shared scores to your account from our public sheet music viewer, choose “Add to a collection” on the side of the screen.

Why there are no audio previews?

Audio previews are a great way to discover new creations without having to open the sheet music. They are now only available for public scores on the discovery and search result pages.

I don’t see the deleted scores in my trash, why?

If you are a free demo user, you will only see the content deleted during the last 24h. You can upgrade to a regular account to recover work up to 1 year after its deletion.

If you are a Flat Power or Flat for Education account, at this time you can recover any content deleted after December 2017.

How can I create sub-collections, like subfolders?

That’s not possible at this time and we don’t have plans for that yet. We see collections more like a set of scores or a playlist of songs, with a single level and powerful features. That’s why we didn’t add this complexity at this time. If you need to organize scores like that, we advise you to prefix your collections with a common name.

Which scores count in my storage quota?

All the scores that you create counts in your storage quota. Content that has been shared with you, as well as public and shared scores that you add to your collections, don’t count in your storage quota.

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