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How to recover my Flat account if my school deleted my Google/Microsoft account?

This help article only concerns Flat and Flat for Education users and their data hosted on Flat and Flat for Education. We are not your school IT or Google/Microsoft, and therefore cannot restore your Drive or OneDrive data. Please contact your school for questions regarding your Google/Microsoft Account.

If you used our Google Sign in or Microsoft Sign in using your school email and your school deleted the associated account, you will lose access to your Flat or Flat for Education account. Here is the process to recover your Flat or Flat for Education:

  • First, create a new Flat personal account with a personal email address (e.g. a GMail account)
  • Then you need to contact our team by email from this personal email. In this email, please indicate the email address of your deactivated Google/Microsoft account, and if possible some additional information regarding your previous account.
  • We will then manually review your request. If this one is legit and it’s possible to recover your account, we will transfer your files from your previous Flat account and delete it.
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