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How to add a new tempo mark (BPM)?

You can add a new tempo mark by going to the “Measure” toolbar, clicking on the Tempo tool and input the new tempo. If there is no selection, the new tempo will be applied until the next tempo mark or the end of the score. If you only want to change the tempo on multiple measures, select the measure before inputting the new tempo.

Add a new tempo mark

How to change an existing tempo mark?

You can change an existing tempo mark by clicking on the mark and inputting the new tempo, or using the tool available in the “Measure” toolbar.

Changing a tempo mark

How to remove a tempo mark?

To remove a tempo mark, click on the mark, then click on the delete icon in the toolbar.

How to change to beat unit?

You can change the beat unit by clicking on the existing beat unit and choosing the new one:

Changing the beat unit

How to get an audio preview of the tempo, or see the textual equivalences of the numeric values?

When you insert or change a tempo mark, click on the audio button in the popover. This will display the complete interface will the textual tempo marks and play a preview of the new tempo with our metronome.

Advanced tempo interface

How to add a textual tempo mark?

Want to add a textual tempo notation instead of a numeric value? At this time, you can use an Expression text to write on your score. Go to the Text toolbar and choose Expression/Annotation.

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