Add or remove Articulations

What is an articulation?

An articulation is the direction or performance technique which affects the transition or continuity on a single note or between multiple notes or sounds.

How to add or remove an articulation on Flat?

Put your cursor on the note where you want to add an articulation, then go to the toolbar “Articulation” and choose the articulation you want to add. To remove the articulation, click on the save icon.

Add articulations

You can also add (and remove) an articulation to multiple notes by selecting them, then choosing the Articulation you want:

Add articulations on multiple notes at once

List of articulations

Feature Toolbar Icon
Staccato Articulation Staccato
Staccatissimo Articulation Staccatissimo
Tenuto Articulation Tenuto
Detached Legato Articulation Detached Legato
Accent Articulation Accent
Marcato Articulation Marcato
Doit Articulation Doit
Fall off Articulation Fall Off
Plop Articulation Plop
Scoop Articulation Scoop
Fermata Articulation Fermata
Slur Articulation Slur
Breath Mark Articulation Breath Mark
Caesura Articulation Caesura
Drum roll Articulation Drum roll
Buzz roll Articulation Buzz
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