Create your first music score

To create your first music score with Flat and get starting writing your music notation or tabs, create a free account on our platform.

1. Open the score creation tool

Once you are logged in to Flat, click on the button “New music score” on your *library, or the icon available in the navigation on the top right of your screen on any dashboard page.

Create a new score (My Library)

Create a new score (Navigation)

2. Choose the document title or import a MusicXML/MIDI file

You now have the window opened to create your document, choose a title for this one, or click on the Import button to import an existing file to Flat.

Choose the title

Import: We support MusicXML (.xml / *.mxl) and MIDI (.midi / *.midi) files, and recommend you to use MusicXML files if you import sheet music from another software (you will have the exact music notation imported to Flat).

You can also import the following non-standard files formats to Flat (feature in beta). Please note that the import of these files formats is provided as convenience only, and we don’t offer an official support for them.

  • MuseScore: *.mscz
  • TuxGuitar files: *.tg
  • Guitar Pro files: *.gp (v7), *.gpx (v6), *.gp5, *.gp4, *.gp3
  • Power Tab Editor: *.ptb

3. Add the instruments

Last step, choose the different instruments you want to add to this document. We have today over 100 instruments available, sorted into different categories.

Add the instruments

Tablatures: If you choose a plucked string instrument, by default we will add a tablature to this one. You can disable this feature on the top of the instruments listing.

4. You are all set!

You are now all set to create your music notation, check out the next pages to discover our interface and input your first notes.