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The repeat ending is used with the repeat barlines. Here is the typical usecase. The player play the measures between the repeat barline a first time, playing the measure under the “1”. Then when playing for the second time, the performer will skip the measures under the “1” to play the measures under the “2”. It is possible to combine those, to make a group of measures played several times, or two change several times the measures played at the end of a repeat section.

Example ending

Add a repeat ending

You can add/remove a repeat ending by going to the “Measure” toolbar. Select the first measure of the repeat ending section, then click on the desired repeat ending button. You can also combine multiple endings on a single measure by clicking on the desired endings.

Add an ending

If the repeat ending encompasses multiple measures, you can select a range of measures, then click on the repeat ending button.

Add an ending in a range

These toolbar buttons are toggle buttons: to remove an ending, click on one of the active endings in the toolbar.

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