Export images from your scores

You can extract a portion of the score as an image (PNG or SVG).

Image Export

Image format

PNG: The PNG is a lossless image format. You would typically use it if you want to embed the image in a text document, or on a presentation slide. The PNG is exported with a precision of 300 dots-per-inch, which is suitable for printing without resizing.

SVG: The SVG is a scalable image, that can be resized without pixelating. It’s suitable if you want to use the image in specific contexts like large printing.

Display layout

You can select the layout you want to use for the extracted musical content:

  • Page
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

Page Layout

You can select which page you want to export.

In the example below, the second page gets exported. Page Layout

Horizontal Layout

You can select a range of measures. The image will be as large as needed to fit the measures you have selected.

In the example below, the measures 4 to 10 get exported. Horizontal Layout

Vertical Layout

You can select a width and a range of measures. The export will try to fit as many measures as possible inside the specified width. Then it will try to fit measures in a second system below, then on a third, and so on until all the measures are inside the image. The image will have a fixed width but will be as tall as needed to fit the selected measures.

In the example below, the measures 4 to 10 get exported, on a width of 10 centimeters. Vertical Layout


On top of the layout, you can select which parts you want to see in the image, and some other options, like hiding the normal staff for guitar parts, or merging the empty measures into a multi-measures rest.

In the example below, we only export the guitar, and we hide the normal staff to only display the TAB staff. Options

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