Music notation tools

On this page, discover the music notations available on our music notation software, Flat, organized by group of features and toolbars. Open the feature page to see how to use it.


UndoRedo Undo / Redo an action
CopyCutPaste Copy, Cut and Paste
  Range selection

Parts and Instruments

Instruments Add, Remove and Re-order parts
Instruments Show or Hide parts when working on your sheet music
Instruments Rename parts
Instruments Tablature: Tuning and Capo
Instruments Creating and saving Custom Instruments configurations
Instruments Transpose a part from one instrument to another

Layout and Styles

  Add or change the Title, Subtitle, License, Composer or Lyricist
Page Layout Page size, orientation and margins
Staves Staves size and spacing between parts and staves
Measures Number of measures per system and notes spacing
Measures numbers Measures numbers
Automatic notes display mode Automatic Boomwhacker colors and Shape notes

Premium features include:

  • Custom paper size
  • Spacing between staves and systems
  • Automatic Boomwhacker colors and Shape notes.


Insert note Insert a note
Change duration Change the duration of a note
Voices Voices
FlatSharpNatural Accidental and double accidental
Switch of enharmonic Enharmonic Switch: Change a note to its enharmonic equivalent
Dot Dot a note
Tie Tie two notes
Tuplets Tuplets
Beaming PolicyBeamUnbeam Beaming: automic policy and manual beaming
Ghost note Ghost note
Grace note and Acciaccatura Grace note and Acciaccatura
Concert Pitch Dislay the score in Concert Pitch
Transposition Transposition
Octave shift / Ottava Octave shift / Ottava
Color note Color note: Manual colors and automatic colorization using Boomwhackers colors


Articulations Notes articulations
Fermata Fermata
Slurs Slur notes
Bow Up bow/Down bow
Fingerings Fingerings
Buzz roll Buzz notes


Trill Trill
Tremolo Tremolo
Arpeggio Arpeggio
Glissando Glissando
Mordents Mordents
Turns Turns


Crescendo and Diminuendo Crescendo and Diminuendo
Add dynamics Dynamics
Pizzicato and Arco Pizzicato and Arco
Pedal Pedal


Add measureRemove measure Add or remove Measures
System break System Breaks
Clef Clef
Key signature Key Signature
Time signature Time signature
Tempo Tempo marks
Accelerando Accelerando
Ritardando Ritardando
Swing Swing
Rehearsals Rehearsals
Double barlines Double barlines
Repeats Repeats
Endings Endings
Segno Segno
Coda Coda
Fine Fine
D.S. Dal Segno
D.C. Da Capo
To Coda To Coda


Lyrics Lyrics
Chords Chords
Text annotation Text annotation / expression
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