Octave shifts


Feature Toolbar Icon
Ottava (8va) Note Ottava
Ottava Bassa (8ba) Note Ottava Bassa
Quindicesima (15ma) Note Quindicesima
Quindicesima Bassa (15ma) Note Quindicesima Bassa

How octave shifts work?

An Octave designates the interval between two pitched sounds, one having twice or half the frequency of the other. The difference between the two musical pitches equals to the eight notes of a music scale (C D E F G A B C). In music notation, shifting an octave, by writing a 8 or 15 with a line above a section, enables a clearer reading.

How to shift an octave on Flat?

On the Note section, select the notes you want to shift of one or two octaves. Click on the Octave tool and choose an interval above or under, simple or double. You can extend the octave shift to add multiple notes inside with a simple drag and drop.


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