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Audio Playback

Flat integrates a great playback that interprets your sheet music directly in your web browser, without any plugins. Discover here how to use it, change the volume, the instruments’ reverb, swing and use our metronome.

Implementation notes

Our goal is to provide a good trade-off between performance and interpretation quality, so it can work well even with a low amount of memory (you might not have the best experience with a large number of instruments).

At this time, most of the notations are interpreted, except:

  • Accelerando/Ritardendo
  • Mordents
  • Turn
  • Snap pizzicato
  • Bowing Directions
  • Text

Use the Playback

To play your composition, click on play button on the top of the editor. You can set the tempo with the input beside the play button.


Change the volume

To customize the volume or mute an instrument, open the playback settings then choose a new volume for the instrument.

Change the volume of the instruments

Customize the instruments’ reverb

To customzie the reverb of an instrument, open the playback settings then choose a new reveb for the instrument.

Change the reverb of the instruments

Enable the swing

Swing is a rhythm interpretation which modify the timing of eighth pairs. To swing eighth notes, open the playback settings and enable the swing feature.

Enable the playback swing

Change the metronome mode

The metronome has three different modes: Only during the intro (default mode), Always on or Always off. Click on the arrow next the play icon, then choose a new mode.

Deactivate the metronome

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