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Note: At this time Palm Mute and Let Ring are not interpreted by our playback (you will have the notation written on your score/tab, but not the corresponding sound). To learn more about our playback interpretation, check out the dedicated audio playback help page.

What is a palm mute?

A palm mute is a guitar technique that consist in placing the hand on the strings, just above the bridge, so the sound get muted.

What is a let ring?

The let ring consists in letting the strings ring without muting it. It is similar to the pedal notation for Piano.

How to use let ring and palm mute on Flat?

Let ring and palm mutes are available in the Articulation menu and are manipulated in the same way than most ranges tools.

Once clicked, the desired marking will be added from the cursor location to the end of the measure. Like others range markings on Flat, let ring and palm mute have the ability to be moved horizontally along the part through drag and drop.

They can also be shrunk or expanded using one of the two round handles on both extremities of the marking.

To remove let rings and palm mutes, you can either click on the P.M./let ring button while the cursor is located in the range of the marking, or you can directly select the marking and press the “Delete” shortcut on your keyboard or use the “Remove an element” button in the Articulation menu.

Palm mute example

Implementation notes

Please note that let rings and palm mute aren’t supported by our playback engine yet.

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