Range selection

Flat offers a large set of actions that you can perform. At some point, it can become simpler to apply these actions. Here’s how to do a perfect range selection.

Using the Mouse

The logic behind is pretty much the same as you can find on any well known text editor. To start a selection hold the mouseleft button. Keep the mouseleft button hold and move your mouse to the end of the selection you want to set. That’s all you can now copy / paste for example.

mouse range selection

Using the Keyboard

Again the logic behind is pretty close to text editors. When you start to hold shift a virtual “anchor” will be placed where your cursor is. Then using the keyboard arrows you will be able to move the cursor around and create a range.

Extend the range to left
Extend the range to the right
Extend the range to the upper stave or part
Extend the range to the lower stave or part

keyboard range selection

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