Add or remove Rehearsal Marks


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Rehearsal Letter Measure > Rehearsal Rehearsal Letter
Rehearsal Number (Measure number) Measure > Rehearsal Rehearsal Number
Custom Rehearsal Text Measure > Rehearsal Custom Rehearsal Text

What is a rehearsal mark?

A rehearsal letter is a boldface letter of the alphabet in an orchestral score, and its corresponding parts, that provides the conductor, who typically leads rehearsals, with a convenient spot to begin at places other than the start of movements or pieces.

How to add or remove a rehearsal mark?

Put your cursor on the measure where you want to add your rehearsal mark. Go to the “Measure” toolbar, then click on the rehearsal icon and choose the type of rehearsal that you want to add:

  • Rehearsal Letter: Flat automatically maintain a list of rehearsals for you, starting from A.
  • Rehearsal Number: The number of the current measure is displayed as a rehearsal mark.
  • Custom rehearsal: You can choose the text you want to add as a rehearsal mark.

To remove an existing rehearsal mark, click on the mark, then press the delete icon. You can also update it from this rehearsal mark popover.

Add rehearsal marks

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