Step by step Tutorial

If you never used Flat before, we advise you to follow this quick tutorial to learn how to create your first score online and start writing your first notes.

You can also check out our list of music notation tools, the app features listed on the left of this page, and contact us if you have any questions.

TutorialCreate your first score
The first step is to create your first score: choose a title and the different instruments that you want to use.
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Create your first score
TutorialDiscover the interface
Discover an overview of different parts of our editor interface, and the main differences between our desktop and mobile interfaces.
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Discover the interface
TutorialKey & Time Signatures
Before adding your first notes, start by adjusting the key signature and time signatures of your score.
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Key & Time Signature
TutorialAdding your first notes
Learn how to input your first music notes, using your mouse/touchpad, computed keyboard, touchscreen or your MIDI device.
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Inputting your first notes
TutorialWorking with tabs
Learn how to use tabs on Flat: how do they work, how to configure them, how to input notes, etc.
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Working with tabs
TutorialWorking with drums
Learn how to use drums on Flat: how do they work, how to input notes, etc.
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Working with drums
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