Add or change a new time signature


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Add a new time signature

You can add a new time signature by going to the “Measure” toolbar, clicking on the Time Signature tool and choosing the new one. If there is no range selection, the new time signature will be applied until the next time or the end of the score. If you only want to change the time on specific measures, make a range selection of the measures before choosing the new time signature.

To set a time signature that is not listed in the suggestions, click on Customize. Suggestions include the most used time signatures and the one you recently used.

Add a new tie signature

Change an existing time signature

You can change an existing time signature by clicking on the time signature and choosing the new one or using the tool available in the “Measure” toolbar.

Change a time signature

Pickup (Anacrusis)

You can add a pickup measure by changing the time signature, choosing Customize, then setting the duration of the pickup.

For example, a 4/4 measure with a 1/4 pickup (real duration of the measure):

Pickup measure

If you want to shift the measures numbers to skip the anacrusis, you can do that in the layout settings.

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