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What is a tuplet?

In music, a tuplet is “any rhythm that involves dividing the beat into a different number of equal subdivisions from that usually permitted by the time-signature”. This is indicated by a number, indicating the fraction involved. The most common type of tuplet is the triplet.

How to add a tuplet?

On Flat, you can add a tuplet by choosing first the inner duration of the tuplet, then open the Note toolbar, and click on the Tuplet icon and choose the tuplet you want to use.

Some examples:

  • To insert a triplet of eighths notes, insert an eighth rest/note, then click on Tuplet and choose Triplet.
  • To insert a triplet of quarter notes, insert a quarter rest/note, then click on Tuplet and choose Triplet.

Add a tuplet (triplet)

If you used Flat before Decembre 2018: We changed the behavior of the tuplets insertion to make it easier for everyone. Previously, you had to calculate the total duration of the tuplet before inserting it, and some users didn’t understand how to insert triplet of quarter notes. With our 2018 major update, we make the usage of tuplet much easier on Flat.

How to remove a tuplet?

To remove an existing tuplet, put your cursor in the tuplet, and click on the tuplet icon to remove it (see example above).

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