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Age requirements on Flat accounts (Individual users)

Thanks so much for your interest in Flat and your willingness to use our service. As an internet website open to everyone, we need to comply with local regulations. You will find below common questions and answers regarding required age.

If you want to read through all of our policies and terms, they are available right here.

Why do you need to check my age for your website? What do I need to do if I am below the required age?

Countries’ regulations require us to check that you are 13 years of age or older and eligible based on your country of residence.

If you are under age and want to use an individual Flat account, you will need the consent of your parent or legal guardian. They can contact us regarding that matter. A simple solution here can also be to ask them to create a Flat account for you.

Note: These requirements may not be applicable for Flat for Education accounts, which are subject to different Terms of Service.

Who can see your age?

Your age isn’t visible to others on the platforms. We use it solely to comply with laws in your country of residence.

What is the required age for my country?

Here is the list of required ages per country:

Country Required age
Belgium 13
Denmark 13
Estonia 13
Finland 13
Ireland 13
Latvia 13
Poland 13
Portugal 13
Spain 13
Sweden 13
UK 13
Austria 14
Bulgaria 14
Cyprus 14
Italy 14
Czech Republic 15
Greece 15
Slovenia 15
France 15
Croatia 16
Germany 16
Hungary 16
Lithuania 16
Luxembourg 16
Malta 16
Romania 16
Slovakia 16
The Netherlands 16
South Korea 14
United States 13
All other Countries 13
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