Compose on Flat with your

MIDI Controllers

You play. We write.

Our MIDI features enable you to compose directly on Flat with your electronic keyboard.

Just play with Live MIDI...

Focus on playing with your MIDI device. Flat will write the music score for you... just the way you played it.

... and we will learn from you!

The more you play, the more we learn from you. The Live MIDI feature on Flat will remember your style and habits to make your composition experience close to flawless.

Compose step by step...

You play the notes, we write them on your music score. Feel free to compose at your own pace with MIDI. Step by step.

... with any MIDI output

Redirect the audio stream to any instrument. Our MIDI features are compatible with all the VSTs available on the market.

Join a fantastic community of 3,000,000+ musicians!

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