For Better or For Worse

A soundtrack for "For better or For worse." by rareID (HEADPHONES SUGGESTED)

Movement A- "A New hero: Arson's Theme"
M.ment B- "Heaven and Hell: Arson and Athena" (Arson's theme Short)
M.ment C- "Heaven and Hell: Arson and Athena" (Athena's theme)
M.ment D- "HotHeaven" Arson and Athena's Relationship *The bass in the back represents Athena's...problems.*
M.ment E- "The Ambassadors"
M.ment F- "A New Villain: Red Arson" (Arson's Theme reprise)
M.ment G- "Athena's Death" (Athena's Theme Reprise)
M.ment H- "The Fall of the Elites"
M.ment I- "Fading Embers" Anna's Theme