Hi Everyone,

Today is a very particular day, we're celebrating our brand new offer. All the team has been working days and nights to achieve it. We wanted to share it with you all because Flat wouldn't be that cool without you!

Indeed the Flat community kept growing fast and using the platform intensively. You dropped more than 100M notes within the last 5 weeks. This is completely INSANE 😍 .

When we noticed that some servers were overloaded causing bugs and lags, we decided that we needed to move on and think about how we could earn more money to keep delivering the same quality of service on

  • The product experience obviously
  • The support and time to answer (For April, we hit 1600 messages yesterday)

We also have so many ideas in our heads regarding the future of Flat and music composition:

  • Mobile applications
  • Realtime Midi composition
  • Music Theory learning
  • Inline comments
  • etc.

To do that, we need to scale up the team. First to be able to address more topics at the same time but most importantly to get back our weekends and start to get some rest once in a week 😀
I also wrote a blog post to explain why we came to this decision and our pricing choices.

What do you think about it? Feel free to share your opinion with us and hit the support button


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