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Engage your students with our powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based music notation platform.
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Brendan Finucane

Brendan Finucane

Chicago Waldorf School (IL, US)

The software is providing students the ability to work in the same 'place'- a single score. It's a nice collaborative activity that provides togetherness during this time of social distancing.

Costin Tescu

Costin Tescu

American United School of Kuwait

I want to thank you for your great platform that is helping students and teachers stay focus on music skills during a time when this is really challenging. Having Flat in my class changed the way I look at teaching music and gives the students a chance to work for achieving professional music skills.

Kat Bentham

Kat Bentham

Director of Music, Wakefield Girls' High School (UK)

I can actually just concentrate on my students creating the best music they can.

Get Access to Playful and Effective Music Activities!


Have your students write a score from scratch or complete a template of your choosing. They can work individually or in groups, and you can step in remotely to help at any time.

Music Theory Worksheets

Pick a subject, choose your settings, and in the blink of an eye you’ll have saved hours of class prep by generating as many quiz exercises as you like. And it’s all graded automatically!


Listen to recorded performances from your students, using the score you’ve chosen. Perfect for homework and remote practice!

Notation Editor

Access all the powerful features of the Music Notation Editor, while tailoring it to suit your needs and those of your students.

Made to connect with your favorite tools

Flat for Education can be effortlessly integrated with 50+ apps you already use in your day-to-day.

Customize It for Your Classes

Custom toolsets
Custom Toolsets

Choose the tools available to your students for the task at hand.

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Help your students identify pitches with boomwhacker colors, shape notes, and pitches inside the noteheads.

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Roman numerals
Roman Numerals

Easily teach harmony through Roman numerals.

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Kodály hand signs
Kodály Hand Signs

Input your song with normal music notation, and have the Kodály notation automatically generated.

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Flat for Education can do

Learn about all the possibilities that will help you engage your students and optimize your music teaching.

Make It Fun for Students of Any Age!

Foster a collaborative learning experience

Whether you're using Chromebooks, iPads, or phones, Flat for Education ensures seamless compatibility across devices. Teachers can work on live examples in real-time with their students during class.

Experience a more dynamic teaching approach

With just a touch on the virtual keyboard, teachers can effortlessly input notes, creating a seamless and intuitive note-taking experience!

Help students grasp musical concepts more effectively

With live playback, it's possible to instantly review and understand compositions. Let your students hear their compositions come to life as they learn musical concepts.

Create music exercises within minutes

Quickly generate and display customized music theory worksheets. Work through the questions together with your students in real-time, promoting interactive learning and immediate feedback.

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3-Month Free Trial

Explore Flat for Education's powerful features and see the impact they can have on your teaching.

Customer Success Training

The Flat for Education team offers free training to help you maximize the platform's utility in your class. As soon as you log in, you'll have an opportunity to schedule an appointment for a time that's convenient for you.

Priority Support

As a SMART + Flat for Education customer, you’ll benefit from priority support, with our dedicated team here to assist whenever you need help or have questions.