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This month on Flat: Insert mode, Kodály notation, Harmonics, Arranger credits, Playable pitch range display, iOS 13 / iPadOS support with Dark mode ... and more!

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Hi everyone!

I have a great new for our fellow music teachers. We just introduced the Kodály notation in Flat.

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Dear strings and guitar players,

I have big news for you! We just added both natural and artificial harmonics to the editor. Guitar players will find those under the Tab section, while string players will find it under the Articulations section.

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You now have the ability to customize a new aspect of our music engraving: the directions of the ties.

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Discover our brand new insert mode and new option to choose the behavior of the notes and rests duration tools.
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We released some great updates last month, and we would like to share the main ones today with you:

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Among all the requested instruments, Chimes have always been in the top of the list.

That's why today we are glad to release Wind Chimes as a new instrument. You should be able to find it in the Premium Instruments category.

We integrated 6 different glissandos for this instrument, 3 going up and 3 going down with 2 short and one long duration for each type.

You can find below a picture explaining each element of this new set.

wind chimes map

Also, a quick reminder about Orchestral Chimes (the pitched chimes): They already exist under the name "Tubular Bells", we just updated the name so it becomes clearer for everyone.

Along with this instrument, is coming an update for the kazoo.

Many users complained about kazoo not being realistic enough, so we just changed the soundfont and it now sounds like a real kazoo!

We hope you will enjoy these new sounds!

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We just added the Bends notations on Flat (Bend, Pre-Bend and Bend Release).

We also created a new dedicated toolbar with our Tabs notations, this toolbar is displayed when your current part has a tablature.

To learn more about these new features, check out the dedicated help page.

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We just added Measure repeat signs on Flat. This new notation is available in the "Measure" toolbar.

You can learn more about this feature on our dedicated help page.

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We released today two new features for our Advanced History: the ability to copy older versions as new scores and export them as MusicXML or MIDI files. These features not only work for the main versions of your document, but for every single modification you made.

History advanced actions
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