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Almost 1 year ago I wrote a blog post to announce the possibility to zoom on your music scores. Today this feature is so obvious that everybody almost forgot it :) .

But a few weeks ago we completely reworked it, bringing great improvements to this one: Performance, Shortcuts and Touchpad.

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At Flat, we want to make the experience of composing a child’s play. That's why we aim at providing you with the simplest interface you can have.

But as we built Flat to be intuitive, we also have to consider and anticipate the fact that you can feel a bit lost from time to time. It happens to the best of us after all. 😊

Along with the release of Flat v8, we wanted to be still more helpful at any moment. Then, decided to completely revamp our editor documentation and make it available at the moment you need it most: when editing a music score.

So today, let's talk about your new best friend on Flat, a.k.a. the Editor Help.

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I am very pleased to write this short article about an eagerly awaited feature. Today, let’s talk about… Editing staves!

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Hello everybody,

We just added an option which enables you to deactivate the metronome intro.

To deactivate it, just click twice on the metronome button.
Muted Metronome It will stay deactivated for all the scores until you reactivate it.

I hope you will enjoy this new feature!


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Hi everybody,

As you may know, a while ago we introduced a feature that allows you to receive either Email or In App notifications when other users interact with you or your scores (Comments, Likes, Follow, Score Invites etc...).

Today we are proud to announce Desktop Notifications!
Now you can get notified right on your desktop even when you haven't open!. However at this time only Google Chrome or Firefox allow this type of notifications.

How to get started ?

  • Go on your Account Settings
  • Click on Notifications to see you notifications settings
  • Click on the toggle button named Browser notification, under the section Desktop Notification
  • Your browser will ask you to Allow to send you Notifications
  • After that you should receive a notification confirming the success of the procedure

We hope that you will like this brand new feature.
And as always do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any issue :D

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Hi all,

Do you know what is, to me, the most rewarding thing when composing? The answer is simple: just listening what the result really sounds like. I'm telling you this as a musician, and I think that I am not the only one in this situation.

And today, I am writing this blog post to tell you more about this topic. Let's talk about how the result of what you compose precisely sounds on Flat. For, we added some nice improvements in the listening experience.

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If you belong to the (growing!) community of MIDI device owners who compose on Flat, you probably know that we already provided MIDI features. 🎶

Before Flat V8, the only way to compose on the platform with your MIDI devices was to enter notes and chords step by step as below:

While this mode was (and will stay) extremely relevant to many people, you were numerous to ask for the possibility to play live on Flat.

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This one is a game-changer. It was also one of the most anticipated features by a great majority of our users. Dear music teachers, dear musicians, you asked for a better way to drop comments on a specific area. Now you got it with Inline Comments!

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On September, 1st, we released the biggest product update of 2016.

And there is a whole lotta love and cool new features inside. As the list is quite long, here is a recap of the new toys you can now play with:


To all those who have been claiming it for months, this is the best piece of news you will read today: Live MIDI is now… live!

For the others, discover this major feature that will enable you to compose as if you were on a piano. Excepted that you can do everything from Flat.

Inline comments

To all the awesome music teachers who are on Flat, this one is for you.

Comment your students’ music scores wherever you want on a line: the ultimate tool for assignments!

And if you’re not a teacher, it doesn’t matter. For it’s just the feature you need to collaborate more effectively on a music score. 

New Editor Help

When you start on Flat or try new things (Live MIDI, for instance), you may want to have a look at the help section sometimes. 

This one has been revamped to be more intuitive when composing.


In your life, it’s essential to find the good tempo. On Flat, you can now speed it up or reduce it the tempo directly from the platform. This is currently displayed on the score only. The playback will catchup later.

& that’s not all...

From new keyboards shortcuts to copy/pastes from your Smart History, you will soon become a master at editing music thanks to Flat.
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Hi everyone,

How is August going on for you?
We hope you are doing well somewhere under the sun.☀️

At Flat, September is coming up with pretty good news!
Read our new blog post to know everything about our limited offer for the back-to-school season and the forthcoming HUGE update for September, 1st 🚀.

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