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Use Flat's unique technology to integrate interactive music scores and tabs to any web page. Create a stunning experience for your users and visitors to view, listen and edit sheet music on your own blog, website or application.


How it works

It takes only 5 minutes without any development knowledge to get started:


Choose an existing music score on Flat or import your sheet music in MusicXML or MIDI


In a few clicks, choose the display options using our generator


Copy the HTML5 code and paste it into your web page or blog post

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<iframe src=" layout=page" height="400" width="100%" frameBorder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Improve your users engagement through a much more interactive experience. They can listen and interact with your content.

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Offer a frictionless experience no matter the device used. The layout will automatically adapt to the resolution.

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Use our interactive tool to fully customize our embed technology and reflect your company culture and identity.

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A powerful JavaScript API designed for developers

Use the same JavaScript API as we do through our different products. Control every properties of the embed, edit sheet music and get events of all the users' actions.

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<div id="embed-container"></div>
<button id="export-xml">Export to MusicXML</button>

<script src=""></script>
  var container = document.getElementById('embed-container');
  var embed = new Flat.Embed(container, {
    // The score hosted on Flat we use here as template.
    // You can also use `embed.loadMusicXML(file)` to load your files on the fly
    score: '56ae21579a127715a02901a6',
    embedParams: {
      mode: 'edit',
      appId: '59e7684b476cba39490801c2',
      // Simple customizations
      branding: false,
      controlsPosition: 'top',

  // Export the file when we click on the button
  document.getElementById('export-xml').addEventListener('click', function () {
    embed.getMusicXML({ compressed: true }).then(function (buffer) {
      // Exported MusicXML file in `buffer`
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A pricing that follows your success

For non-commercial use
Included usage:
Viewer: 10,000 pages/mo
Editor: 100 active users/mo
Additional usage:
Not available, upgrade to a paying plan.
  • Interactive viewer
  • Embeddable editor
  • JavaScript API
  • 1 Flat Free account
  • Store 15 scores
Included usage:
Viewer: 20,000 pages/mo
Editor: 200 active users/mo
Additional usage:
Viewer: $10 / 1,000 pages
Editor: $0.25 / active user
  • Commercial use
  • Unbranded embed
  • Customization options
  • MIDI Output
  • 1 Flat Power account
  • Unlimited Storage
Included usage:
Viewer: 50,000 pages/mo
Editor: 2,000 active users/mo
Additional usage:
Viewer: $8 / 1,000 pages
Editor: $0.15 / active user
  • Tech support
  • Volume pricing
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