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Interactive sheet music for your website

Flat Embed is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to embed, edit and customize sheet music on your website. It's the perfect companion for teaching, learning or sharing music!

Input-based activities
Video-supported learning
Selling sheet music
Learning Guitar Tablature and Drums
Recorded performances
Blank editor

Your website

Provide your users with an interactive learning experience on your website!


More than just playback

Beyond just watching, users can also write music or complete activities in the Embed, offering a more immersive experience than traditional playback.


Effective learning

Live playback gives the users an easy way to follow the compositions and learn, fostering a dynamic learning environment. It's an interactive approach that creates a deeper understanding of musical concepts.


Hassle-free interface

Embed runs smoothly, regardless of the device used. The intuitive layout adjusts dynamically, providing a smooth and consistent user experience across different screen resolutions.


Consistent experience

Personalize the Embed to match your brand identity. The customizable options empower you to create a consistent experience that resonates with your students or customers.

How it works

Create Interactive Sheet Music in just a few minutes!


Create, Upload or Import

After logging in to your account, create or upload a music score in Flat or import your sheet music via MusicXML or MIDI.


Embed HTML Code Generator

In a few clicks, choose the display options using our generator.

Premium Customization
Embed Mode
Displayed Controls

Your Embed Code

Copy the HTML code and paste it into your web page or blog post.

Reach out to get a quote

Pricing starts at 29$/month, final cost will be determined by your traffic and use case.

Tools that take your website to the next level!


Interactive viewer


Embeddable editor

Javascript API

Commercial use

Personalized branding

Customization options


MIDI output

Unlimited storage

Is your situation unique?

Startup support plan

Are you a startup seeking to elevate your website? Benefit from our tailored startup-friendly pricing for Flat Embed, providing you with powerful features at rates that match the needs of emerging businesses. Contact us.

Implementation support

Do you need Embed customizations, code review, or implementation support? Our development team can help you! The cost of this kind of support is set based on the needs you have and the amount of work it would mean for us. Send us a request!


If you want to enhance your e-commerce experience, we can offer a special pricing for high-volume websites. Reach out to us to receive a price estimate based on the traffic of your website.

Frequently asked questions

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Where do I find all the tech documentation on the API and implementation?

You haven't found the answer here?

Please check out our help page or contact us at and we'll be happy to help!

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