Import API

Import API

Use our Import API to quickly allow people to edit and import your web content (MusicXML and MIDI) with Flat. Simply add a link to Flat following to specification below.

Want to do it with a script or server-side, create multiple files, or export files? You can do it with our REST API.


Endpoint: GET


Name Description Required / Default values
url The full URL of the MusicXML or MIDI file to import. The file must be publicly accessible and served with CORS Required
title The title of the file you are importing Optional, default: New music score
app If you have an app id, you can provide it here. Your App name and logo will be displayed on the landing page, and a dedicated collection with your app name will be created in the user account. Optional


<a href="">
  <img src="" alt="Edit with Flat">

Edit with Flat

You can find more graphic assets on our assets page, feel free to contact us if don’t find the resources that you need.


The file is downloaded by the user’s browser, so you will need to add correct CORS when replying to the request:

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *


Access-Control-Allow-Origin: $ORIGIN

Where $ORIGIN is the Origin header of the request, i.e. or [domain] for private websites).