Flat Platform's REST API

The Flat API allows you to easily extend the abilities of the Flat Platform, with a wide range of use cases including the following:

  • Creating and importing new music scores using MusicXML or MIDI files.
  • Browsing, updating, copying, exporting the user’s scores (for example in MP3, WAV or MIDI).
  • Managing educational resources with Flat for Education: creating & updating the organization accounts, the classes, rosters and assignments.

The schema of this API follows the OpenAPI Initiative (OAI) specification, you can use and work with compatible Swagger tools. You can also directly browse the reference of the API online, including code samples.

The Flat API is built on HTTP. Our API is RESTful It has predictable resource URLs. It returns HTTP response codes to indicate errors. It also accepts and returns JSON in the HTTP body.

You can use your favorite HTTP/REST library for your programming language to use Flat’s API. This specification and reference is available on Github.

How to quickly get started

  1. Create an app for your script or project.
  2. Try the API in 5 minutes with a Personal Access Token for your Flat account.
  3. If you plan to make the app available for other people:

About this API

Our whole platform and apps are based on this API, however not all the endpoints are made available publicly. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, feedback or features requests.

By using this API, and especially on the behalf of a user account, you must accept, respect and enforce our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

We don’t offer any guarantees regading the future of this API. By using this API, you agree to update your app in a timely fashion in response to any changes that are rolled out.