Flat REST API Changelog

We regularly update our API and services, you can discover all the changes to our public specification. While we try to avoid breaking changes during the Beta Period, they will be written below in bold if any.

v2.2.0 (2017-04-02)

  • feat(edu): Public release of the first education APIs:
    • /v2/classes: Classes management
    • /v2/classes/{class}/assignments: Flat Assignments and Submissions
    • /v2/organizations/users: Organization accounts management
    • /v2/organizations/invitations: Organization invitations for admins and teachers
    • /v2/organizations/lti/credentials: LTI credentials management
    • /v2/groups/{group} and /groups/{group}/users: List of groups and users part of groups
    • /scores/{score}/submissions: Submissions linked to a score
  • feat(edu): New OAuth2 scopes:
    • edu.classes: Full, permissive scope to manage the classes.
    • edu.classes.readonly: Read-only access to the classes.
    • edu.assignments: Read-write access to the assignments and submissions.
    • edu.assignments.readonly: Read-only access to the assignments and submissions.
    • edu.admin: Full, permissive scope to manage all the admin of an organization.
    • edu.admin.lti: Access and manage the LTI Credentials for an organization.
    • edu.admin.lti.readonly: Read-only access to the LTI Credentials of an organization.
    • edu.admin.users: Access and manage the users and invitations of the organization.
    • edu.admin.users.readonly: Read-only access to the users and invitations of the organization.
  • fix(spec): Add missing scopes in specification for GET /scores/{score}/revisions/{revision} and GET /scores/{score}/revisions/{revision}/{format}

v2.1.0 (2017-04-17)

  • feat(scores): Add support of private links sharing with sharingKey.
  • feat(comments): Make “revision” optional when creating comments and support of “last” keyword.
  • fix(revisions): Missing id property in ScoreRevision.
  • update(spec): Specify binary response type for GET /scores/{score}/revisions/{revision}/{format}

v2.0.0 (2017-04-10)

  • chore(api): First API public release with /v2/me, /v2/scores, /v2/users and /v2/groups.
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