Sheet music Embed

Flat is the most advanced music notation software on the web. Our products include a high-quality music and tabs notation, web-based music notation editing, real-time collaboration across devices, whole history of every modification made on the music scores, WebAudio Playback and WebMIDI inputs/output… and much more!

Flat’s Music notation Embed lets the visitors and users of your website view, edit, listen and print sheet music directly in your web pages with a complete customization and endless possibilities. Discover a non-customized version of our embed to experience it:

Flat’s Technology

The Flat platform is built on modern and standard web technologies and is the result of several years of R&D. Flat’s music engraving technology uses standard HTML5 (SVG) and JavaScript that works with any web browser including tablets and smartphones (your visitors and users won’t need any app, plugin, or Flash).

Many people and companies have requested us to use our great technology and beautiful music engraving in their projects, apps, softwares, websites, and blogs. That’s why we decided it make it available via an embeddable <iframe>:

  • In a few click or lines or code, you get an interactive sheet music ready to use on your website.
  • You can easily create and edit sheet music with our web editor Flat and display them in no time on any web page.
  • We manage the hosting, the maintenance and of course the automatic updates and improvements with no modifications required on your end!

We store and replicate every revision of every sheet music across multiple countries (US, Canada, France) as well as the platform itself (US, Netherlands, Singapore) to provide the best performances for any Internet user in the world.

Flat’s Embed

The basic version of our embed is available for everyone for free. Just sign up, create or open any sheet music on Flat, click on “Share > Embed” and you directly get the HTML code ready to use!

Get our JavaScript Client to use the full capabilities of the embed: easily interact with the sheet music, load and export any file on the fly, use our… and much more!

If you want to customize it (e.g. removing Flat Branding, changing the controls displayed, the colors / theme) or use our editor in the embed, just contact our team and we will provide a custom offer for you.

Our embed offers include displaying sheet music in a completely customizable and interactive viewer and the ability for your users to edit sheet music in the embed. We are currently in the process of providing more editing APIs based on the feedback we receive, so feel free to reach out and we will make our embed work for you!