Sheet music and tabs on your website

Use Flat's unique technology to integrate interactive music scores and tabs to any web page. Allow your users and visitors to view, listen and collaboratively edit sheet music on your own blog or website.

How it works

It takes only 5 minutes without any development knowledge to get started:


Choose an existing music score on Flat or import your sheet music in MusicXML or MIDI


In a few clicks, choose the display options using our generator


Copy the HTML5 code and paste it into your web page or blog post

Create my first embed

Customize the sheet music embedding

While you can embed as many scores as you want for free, our embed can also be fully customized with our regular embed offer. Use our customization options to quickly have an unbranded version of the embed and change the control's style. Integrate our JavaScript API to control the whole behavior of the embed, edit the sheet music and get events of all the users' actions.

Discuss your needs with us

Some customization examples

Ready to embed your sheet music?

In a few minutes, create or upload your sheet music on Flat, then generate your first embed code for your website.