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Dans le cloud et collaboratif

Flat for Education is designed for your music classroom. You can use it on any device to access and create your musical compositions or music education activities. Flat has a unique collaborative experience: let your students work in real-time on the same sheet music, whether you are in the classroom or working from home.

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Facile à utiliser de l'école élémentaire à l'université

Une de nos valeurs est la simplicité: Flat est le premier logiciel d'édition de partitions musicales que n'importe qui peut utilise, y compris les enfants. En moins de 10 minutes, vos étudiants auront créé leurs premières notes sur Flat, en utilisant leur Chromebooks, iPads, ordinateurs portables ou leur smartphones.

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Save time from the ground up and focus on teaching

We designed our platform to get your workspace ready to use in a couple of seconds. You will create assignments and stunning activities in a seamless experience. Follow your students' progress and give them feedback in real-time to spend more time teaching and less managing.

Classroom organizer

Great music activities and assignments

Create stunning activities with external content, instructions and be notified when one of your students turns something in. You will be able to plan all these activities in advance and manage them all through your dedicated teacher view.


Keep track of your students' progress

Follow your students' every action from compositions to work turned in. Grade and send them comments from one simple dashboard allowing you to always be up to date and enhance your feedback.

Follow up

Inline and specific comments

Drop specific comments to a section directly on the score. Your students will get a real-time notification and you will be able to interact until the highlighted area is considered solved.


Flat pour l'Éducation fonctionne avec les outils que vous utilisez déjà

Students are all about technology today. On Flat, they try to make music on their computer and have a direct feedback of how it sounds. This is the way they learn.

Mrs Sue Jehl - Summit Middle School

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From small groups to entire districts, more than 200,000 students and teachers enjoy Flat.

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Flat pour l'Éducation est un environnement privé respectant la COPPA et sépraté de notre site web public, utilisable par des enfants de n'importe quel age. Vos étudiants peuvent travailler et collaborer ensemble sur votre site web Flat privé sans avoir à fournir la moindre information personnelle.

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Enjoy the most advanced and complete music education software on the market at the most affordable price. Starting at $2 per user for an entire school year!

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