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Audio recording assignments made easy.

Playful performance activities

Playful performance activities

Assign a score for your students to perform. They’ll practice their skills and submit their best take - it’s easy and fun!

Easy access to your students’ performances

Easy access to your students’ performances

Listen to your students’ performances while also commenting, grading and returning assignments all in one place.

Use cases


Choose a score and have your students sing or play it with their instrument into their microphone.


Students can contribute to the score you chose, recording their own part on top of the existing score.


Remote rehearsal is now possible! With performance assignments, make sure your student is ready for the big day.

Real-time feedback and in-line comments

Encourage students to do their best work by commenting and giving feedback in real time.

Smart classroom management

Flat for Education helps manage your classroom by allowing you to easily track student engagement for each assignment, their progress over time, and final results.

Seamless grading

Easily move between student submissions for review and grading. Grades are automatically added to your favorite LMS gradebook.

Save time

Assignments can be copied, edited and re-used for other classes, freeing up your time.


It only takes
3 steps

Pick a score from your library for your students to perform.
Guide your students with instructions and learning resources.
Make the most out of it with multiple customization options: publication and due date, grading, toolsets, etc.

Get up and running in minutes.

Your classroom deserves a better music education tool.
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