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The best music notation software for your school

The best music notation editor Simple, music-friendly and online.
Private COPPA-compliant environment Because the privacy of your students matters to us.
Sync with Google Classroom Already working with this brilliant tool? So do we!
Personalized support Our awesome team is available 24/7 for you if you have any inquiries.
Unlimited Classes & Assignments Unlimited music scores, classes, assignments for everyone.
Real-time collaboration Share and edit scores at the same time across multiple devices.
Adapted for all your existing files Import & export your files in one click! (MusicXML and MIDI)
Smart history Note after note, go back in time and restore your work at a specific moment.
Offline composition Keep working on Flat even without an Internet access.
Live MIDI Play on your controller, we transcribe in live the notes and their duration.
MIDI Output selector Connect Flat to any virtual instrument or DAW available on the market.
Collaborative inline annotations Add annotations to specific notes or measures and easily propose modifications in collaborative compositions.

Students use the knowledge they acquire in the classroom to create music on their own

Jordan Murdock - Crossett school district

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