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Optimize your teaching routine with the Resource Library.

A more efficient assignment creation process, where you can easily keep track of what you’ve created and assign tasks to classes as needed.
A flexible workspace

A flexible workspace

Create and edit assignments in your library at any time. Yes, you can now make assignments for multiple classes at a time.


Inspiration delivered right to you

Sample resources are now available in the Resource Library. Browse through pre-built assignments and use the ones you like with your students. And of course, you can edit them as needed!

Your space, your rules

Your space, your rules

Organize your resources as you see fit by creating folders and filters that match your assignments.


Explore the Toolset library!

By limiting the tools available, you can simplify the interface and help your students focus on the specific notations required for the composition assignment.

Limiting the available tools in the music notation editor can be helpful for younger students who may find a cluttered interface overwhelming, as well as for customizing the editor for specific assignments such as chords, rhythm, or transposition.

Easily create, edit, and save your custom toolsets in your library. Toolsets created directly within a composition assignment will also be saved in your library.


It only takes
3 steps

Create a new assignment of your choice - Worksheet, Composition, Performance - directly from the Resource Library; everything will be automatically saved to your assets.
If you’ve created assignments in the past, you can migrate them to the Resource Library and keep all your assignments fully organized.
Use the sample resources - ready-to-use assignments to explore if you need inspiration for future tasks!

Get up and running in minutes.

Your classroom deserves a better music education tool.
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